West Paw- Wox

  • DURABLE DOG TOY FOR PETS WHO LIKE TO CHEW: Delight dogs in all stages of life with this dog tug-of-war toy that features three easy-to-grab legs designed for medium chewers.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT PET PLAY TOYS: Play fetch and interact with your canine companion during pet exercise with this lightweight dog chew toy that is fun to throw for fetch and catch.
  • AIRBORNE FLYING PET TOYS: Motivate your furry friend to run hard and play hard with this dog tug toy that is lightweight and flings far into the air for canines to catch and chew. As a safe alternative to sticks, this dog stick toy won’t damage the inside of the mouth or splinter.
  • RECYCLABLE DOG TOY: Provide man’s best friend with dog toys, such as the dog tug chew toy from West Paw, that is latex-free. This recyclable puppy chew toy also includes a manufacturer Love It Guarantee against damage.
  • DISHWASHER SAFE DOG TOYS: Easily clean this dog tug chew toy for chase and fetch games by adding it to your next dishwasher cycle. This dishwasher-safe dog tug toy is free from toxic materials and Made in the USA.
  • Colours may vary based on availability