Meet The Team

Few good things are born out of frustration.

This website is one of them!

As owners of three lovely dogs in India, we faced a constant battle to procure best supplies for our furry kids. We realized the need for quality products and worked towards developing this platform so pet owners across the country can benefit from a variety of products, delivered to their doorstep across India.


Kaivalya Mehta AKA Kelly

Proud owner of two dogs, Kaivalya has always been an animal first kind of guy. His passion towards animals and the keen eye he has developed for animal based products over the years, ensures he always picks winners for our collection. If you want to hear more on his journey, reach out to him here



Kunaal Kapoor AKA KK

 Our co founder, who dons multiple hats from Purchase, Sale, Accounts, to Cost Cutting. This is the man responsible for taking Pawshop from one product to fifteen products till date and expanding our reach from South Mumbai to all over India.  His hobbies range from fifa, football, snooker and the occasional serial stalking. If you ever feel the need to get some insight into how he made all this happen, hit him up here. In his free time he takes care of 12 cats at his home in Worli.



Nikunj Ahuja

A keen eye towards everything digital, this guy ensures we are always on the top of everything new. The proud parent of 2 shitzus dogs, Nikunj has grown up surrounded by animals and knows what works best for them. His constant energy and morning madness ensures that all our deliveries always reach on time. Talk to him here




Narendran 'N Bomb Arts' P

A legend from the backwaters, this design maverick has been leading all our designs for the best part of the last 2 years. His love for black coffee, B**F, and Fatties precedes everything else. You can find him at his desk religously through the week or hit him up here




Nikhil Vijayanand

A new entrant to the FAM, Nikhil adds value with a brand new dimension to the team and website. He enjoys lots of caffeine and the odd cigarette in his free time apart from his love for videos and all things artistic. An architect by passion he has layered into his role and cemented his position here. If you want to get some design gyaan, hit him up here




Megha Dave

Ensuring customer satisfaction with every purchase and keeping the store always cool, Megha Dave is a young gun that strives hard everyday to make the customer’s experience on the website worthwhile. With Caffeine in her veins and a smile on her face, she accepts challenges fearlessly and always keeps getting better.





 The Crew

 The actual hard work and sweat behind the brand. These are the guys who ensure you get your package in the correct time frame. Vinod, Prasad, Sanjay & Somnath the backbone of Slimjim 205 flanked below with the rest of our ever growing crew!

Want to be a part of the team? We are always looking for fresh talent for us and our below mentioned partner sites.