Winter tips for your pets

Winter tips for your pets

As we move closer to the end of the year all around the world temperatures drop and winter sets in bringing with it the joyous occasion of Christmas

Most people protect themselves with sweaters, down jackets, gloves to face the chilly weather.

As pet owners we must also remember our pets require as much attention to deal with the winter.

Just like humans some breeds of dogs can withstand the cold more than others.

To this end we have created some mindful tips to protect your furry friends for the winter.

  • As mentioned earlier every dog is different some have thicker coats and some not as well equipped
  • If your dog likes being outside, you must keep them warm by making them wear sweaters or coats
  • We must also shift our focus to our stray cats and dogs during this time who sleep under cars and in the case of cats who often sleep in the wheel wells of cars. It is important to check if theres any animal under your car or by your tyre and waking them up so they can scurry away from danger in time
  • Wiping their paws is also imperative in winter especially if you live in snowy climate. One must also be mindful of any cracks or injuries and check your pet’s paws always
  • Dogs often get lost in the winter it is recommended to walk your dog on a leash even if they are trained.
  • Due to winter and sun setting earlier it is sensible to wear reflective gear owing to poor visibility, so you and your dog are always visible when outdoors.

To touch upon the subject again it is great if you can provide any sort of temporary shelter for the street animals and if not feeding them during this time also goes a long way as it helps them generate body heat to withstand the cold.

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