The importance of playtime for pets

The importance of playtime for pets

We all love our  pets but often disregard the importance of playful exercise with our pets.

As we all our moving towards a remote working  style and with  offices moving toward more flexible work options we get to interact with our pets much more than ever before. 

With our range of toys you can make your pet's playtime fun ,engaging and beneficial.  Staring with game of fetch you can  play anywhere we recommend a bouncy ball so your pet can stay enthused for a longer period. If you are outdoors a boomerang can be your best bet and will keep your pet sprightly.

At home you can give your pet  some rope toys which you can tug at one end and is best suited for puppies who are a bundle of energy and always looking to gnaw at something with their itchy teeth.

For your feline friends playtime is as important and they can be entertained in a numerous ways with the right toys . From cat scratching boards which they thoroughly enjoy to catnip infused toys your cat will look forward to playtime more than ever.

There are numerous ways to keep your pet busy during playtime with a number of toys to choose from based on your interests. As a fellow pet owner the only thing I can add is treat your pets playtime as you would treat exercise as a healthy human and pet is a happy duo 

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