Monsoon tips for pets

Monsoon tips for pets

As the seasons turn and the monsoon begins, here are some things to keep in mind with regard to your pet during the wet weather. 

 During monsoons, your canine companions are exposed to moisture, which makes them susceptible to photodermatitis. Moisture in parks and wet streets weaken the follicles, which leads to skin inflammation in the paws hence it is advised to clean their paws and keep them dry using wipes . If you have a long coat pet it is important to have their paw pads trimmed. 

 Pets can fall prey to waterborne diseases from contaminated and stagnant water. Common symptoms of a gut problem include vomiting, diarrhoea, abdominal pain and appetite loss. Make sure your pets have access to clean drinking water at all times. Explore our variety of travel bottles and water dispensers 

Wet weather makes pets vulnerable to ear infections.  During the monsoons you need to clean their ears with a cotton bud every day and we reccomend using ear care wipes  

It is also imperative to keep the dogs coats dry and wiping them dry every day during the monsoon season is a must if they get wet. You can also use a variety of shampoos and pet deodorants to make them smell better and get rid of odours 

Monsoon is the breeding season for ticks. As a result, the chances of your pet becoming infested with ticks or fleas are high. To prevent this, use tick collars and consult your vet about oral medication. If your pet is already infected with ticks, give them a bath with an anti-tick shampoo and rubbing an anti-tick. This may not be enough, though. You may need to physically remove ticks from your pet's coat. While at it, make sure you kill the insects by dunking them in a jar of kerosene or water (plain or mixed with detergent).




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