Lockdown Pet effect

Lockdown Pet effect

As most people have been homebound due to Covid 19 a great blessing for pet owners has been that they have been able to spend a good amount of time with their furry friends. 

As anxiety grew our fellow pets have been a great companion to help alleviate stress in these times. Many folks have taken the step to adopt dogs for the first time and all over the world  pet adoptions had seen a considerable rise.  It is peculiar but classic case of  pets akin to our family members who are always there for us to count on during trying times. 

Many people have  revisited the simple joy of interacting with pets and immersing themselves in the experience  even more due to the various lockdowns imposed worldwide. 

Our pets are probably wondering what could have changed to see their favourite people all the time. There are a number of memes on social media to highlight this change. 

As the world slowly inches its way back to nomralcy we must remember the priceless time we had spent with our furry friends and try to create more time for them going forward..

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